Best Air Rifle Scopes For 2021 – Top 7 Editor’s Picks 

 April 14, 2020

By  Anton Scharff

Air rifles are projectile weapons that use air or gas  for motive force. They have been around since the 15th century, and with the latest technology advancements, these weapons have become great choices for plinking, shooting pests, small-game hunting, and competitive sports.

In this article, we’ll review seven best air rifle scopes to help you find one that suits your shooting needs.

1. Hammers 3-9x40AO Scope


Hammers 3-940AO is one of the best air rifle scopes on the market. Its accuracy and magnification are super impressive. The scope offers 3-9x magnification and 32mm parallax objective lens. It uses a mil-dot reticle and a standard 1-inch one-piece main tube that allows you to adjust your target accuracy in long-range shooting.

The scope is shockproof, waterproof, and fog proof. Therefore, weather won’t be an issue when using the scope.


    • Tube diameter: 1 inch;
    • Magnification: 3-9X;
    • Objective Lens: 32mm;
    • Overall Length: 13 inches;
    • Elevation: ¼ MOA;
    • Eye Relief: 3 inches.

2. Winchester by Daisy Outdoor Products 2-7X 32 AO Scope


The Winchester 2-7 x 32 AO Scope is one of the best air rifle scopes for budget-conscious buyers. This scope features an adjustable objective (AO) that allows for sharp images and precise shots. It is shockproof to endure the unique recoil of spring-action air guns.

The scope’s fog-proof design allows for use in cold or wet weather, and the 3-inch eye relief provides comfortable sighting.


    • Tube diameter: 1 inch;
    • Magnification: 2-7X;
    • Reticle Type: Crosshairs;
    • Objective Lens: 32mm;
    • Eye Relief: 3 inches;
    • Weight: 1.4 pounds.


3. UTG 3-9X40 1″ Hunter Scope


The UTG Hunter Scope is arguably one of the best air rifle scopes that come with a mid-range price tag. The scope’s construction features a Built on True Strength Platform which is durable making the scope an ideal choice for the frequent hunter. Fine tuning the scope is quick and easy, and it only takes a few clicks to perfectly sight up the target.

One interesting feature of this scope that makes it stand out from the competition is that it has Tactical Range Estimating (TRE) mil-dot reticle and optics. This feature allows shooters to enhance accuracy and performance while hunting.

Just like many air rifle scopes, the UTG Hunter Scope is fogproof, waterproof and shockproof making it ideal for use in diverse weather conditions.


  • Tube Diameter: 1 inch;
  • Magnification: 3-9x;
  • Objective Lens: 40 mm;
  • Length: 12.6 inch;
  • Elevation: ¼ MOA.

4. CVLIFE Tactical 3-9×40 Rifle Scope


The CVLIFE Tactical Scope is well-built, has a sleek design and impressive features making it a great addition to your air rifle. The scope has a fully multicoated glass to ensure you get superior images and exceptional color contrast. The lens has a scratch-resistant coating to protect it from oil, dirt, and scratches. The rear of the scope is equipped with a focusing dial that has five color brightness settings. The settings allow you to control the illumination based on the current shooting conditions.

Upon purchase, the CVLIFE scope is delivered with a lens cover, an Allen key, andtwo free mounts. Additionally, it features a 1-inch aluminum tube that is completely sealed and nitrogen filled to make it fogproof and waterproof.



  • Tube Diameter: 1inch;
  • Magnification: 3-9x;
  • Objective Lens: 40mm;
  • Length: 12.20 inches;
  • Weight: 0.76lb.

5. BARSKA 3-12×40 AO Air Gun Rifle Scope


This airgun riflescope is one of BARKA’s most popular scopes and is ideal for recreational as well as competition shooting. Unlike other standard scopes in the market, the BARSKA 3-12×40 is specifically designed to withstand the reverse recoil produced by air guns. This feature makes the BARSKA 3-12×40 one of the best air rifle scopes in the market today.

The scope features an adjustable objective which enables a shooter to adjust the settings for multi-range parallax error. This feature also allows for accuracy and precision when aiming and shooting. Another feature worth mentioning is that the scope has fully coated optics to reduce glare and visual distortion in the image.


    • Tube Diameter: 1 inch;
    • Magnification: 3-12x;
    • Objective Lens: 40mm;
    • Length: 13.66 inch;
    • Click Value: 0.25 field of view

6. X-Aegis Tactical 3-9×56 Air Rifle Scope

The X-Aegis Tactical 3-9×56 is yet another functional air rifle scope ideal for the budget conscious shooter. Constructed entirely of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, this durable scope from X-Aegis has several features worth mentioning.

The large objective diameter of the X-Aegis Tactical 3-9×56 makes it one of the best air rifle scopes for shooting in low light conditions. The scope’s red and green illuminated reticle has five levels of adjustment which allow the shooter to make a perfect shot both at night and in daylight.

The X-Aegis Tactical has a rigid construction which makes the scope very durable. Additionally, it is 100 percent sealed and nitrogen filled to ensure it remains shockproof, waterproof and fogproof.


  • Tube Diameter: 1inch/25.4cm;
  • Magnification: 3-9x;
  • Objective Lens: 56mm;
  • Length: 12.59 inches;
  • Weight: 20.81 ounces.

7. Hawke Sports Optics Sidewinder 6.5-20X 30MM


The Hawke Sports Optics Sidewinder is another scope worth considering. Despite being expensive, the scope has unique features that will upgrade your shooting experience.

It has fully multi-coated optics to provide you with superior clarity. The lenses are also shockproof and waterproof. The scope has a 30mm mono-tube that offers superior strength and reliability.

The Hawke Sidewinder scope comes equipped with a sunshade, a lens cloth, lens covers to protect the outer lenses and a two-inch side wheel to enhance range finding.


  • Magnification: 6.5-20×;
  • Objective Lens: 42mm;
  • Length: 15.4 inches;
  • Weight: 26 ounces;
  • Eye relief: 89mm/3.5 inch

Summing Up

These are among the best air rifle scopes to buy in 2020 . Which scope would like us to add to our list? Leave us your thoughts or suggestions in the comments section below.

Anton Scharff

Anton is a hunting expert who respects nature. Ask him anything about large game. Lover of the great outdoors.

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